Position: Senior Pastor

Church: Rice Memorial Baptist Church Location: Greenwood, SC

Policy & Procedures Description of Pastor:

The Pastor is responsible for leading the church body in functioning as a New Testament Church (Acts 20:28-32). The Pastor is responsible for providing spiritual instruction and strategic leadership to the members, staff and ministries of the church. The Pastor serves as the administrative officer and supervisor of church staff. The Pastor is not responsible for doing all the work, but for seeing that it is done and done properly (I Corinthians 14:40).

Ministry Purpose: To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach the biblical revelation, to engage in pastoral care, provide administrative leadership in all areas of church life and function, supervise paid church staff and conduct the ordinances and functions of worship.

Serving Relationships: The Pastor serves under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Church Body. He considers counsel and recommendations from the Deacons who serve the congregation, as it aligns with his pastoral authority within the Church.

Primary Job Functions:

Preaching and Teaching

- Responsible for preparation and delivery of appropriate topical and expository sermons based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. The expectation is that the Senior Pastor will dedicate an appropriate amount of time to preparation and discernment each week.

- Responsible to ensure the Worship services (Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night) are presented in a professional, engaging, and dynamic way to ensure the active engagement and excitement of hearing and accepting God’s Word.

- Work with the Worship leader to appropriately prepare worship services.

- Responsible to fill the pulpit with a qualified person during any scheduled or unscheduled absence.

- Responsible for the Sunday School program. Works directly with Sunday School coordinator and teachers to ensure effective programs are offered consistently.


- Responsible to oversee and manage all aspects of operations at Rice Memorial Baptist Church and ensure all activities, programs, and functions of the Church are executed professionally, effectively, and consistently with the Word of God.

- Responsible to ensure each Committee within the Church is organized and operates in a healthy and effective manner. Responsible to be an ex-offico member of all Committees and Deacon board at Rice Memorial.

- Responsible to ensure all areas of the Church finances are managed within the Budget. Responsible to ensure all financial practices and policies established by the Finance and Personnel Committee are followed.

Staff Supervision and Development

- All staff members report directly to this position.

- Responsible for the overall health and effective working relationships of staff members.

- Responsible for enforcing attendance practices, vacation policies, office hours, and other business practices of the Church and Staff.

- Responsible to ensure Sin is identified and dealt with according to the Word of God for all Staff Members and active Leaders within the Church.

Strategic Leadership and Planning:

- Responsible to encourage the personal and professional development of all staff members at Rice Memorial to ensure they excel within their respective ministry.

- Responsible to ensure all members and guests are accepted, encouraged to become engaged with a ministry and made to feel welcome at Rice Memorial.

- Responsible to officiate weddings, funerals and other ordained services at Rice Memorial.

- Responsible to conduct the ordinances of the Church.

- Required to visit members in the hospital or in need.

- Required to participate in visitation activities.

Sr Pastor’s Spouse

- It is expected that the Sr Pastor’s wife is an active member of Rice Memorial.

- It is expected that the Sr Pastor’s wife will regularly attend scheduled services and events at the Rice Memorial.

For more information please email pastorsearch@ricembc.org.